Thank you everyone  for their prayers and support for Harin Oseguera Zeloya. God blessed him greatly amen.below are photos  of Harin ,  Sulema, Victor,Troy  Our sister  Sulema who needed a Hernia operation,and Bother Victor with  funds for  doctors appointments & medications.Brother  Troy medications. 

Update Brother Troy has gone home to be with the Lord.

Our brother Harin in  hospital  wheel chair then walker then cane .Harin was in a very bad motorcycle accident on the way to work.He needed 3 metal plates and 100 screws in his hips he got a infection and had a blood transfusion which his body Rejected and led to infection ..the bones were healing he would of been crippled for life if not for Bible Baptist in Pensacola and everyone praying for him the Lord is so good amen.