Greeting From Honduras 

Welcome to our Website 

Our Services and Locations are as followed below .

Independent  Bible  Baptist  Church    

Church service is 9 am -12.00 am Sundays .

in Piedras Amarillas Atl├íntida 

Please note Thursday night bible study in Piedras has been canceled till further notice due to dangerous road situation .

Independent Bible Baptist Church

Church service is 4.00 pm -6.00 pm 

at our home in  La Ceiba 

Bible Study for men 10.00am every Wednesday

Bible Study for Moskito Indians  5:00pm Thursday 

Bible Study for the women 11.00 am every Saturday 

All services are in Spanish except for Saturday Bible study 

Which is in English 

Every one is welcome to come join us if you are interested please contact Pastor Dan La Vita 

Telephone 9745-7098

Visitation is held on Tuesday & Friday mornings at 10:00am